InteliNanoNT Plus

Supreme model from InteliNano NT family. AMF and MRS controller with current measurement and support of EFI engine. AMF and ...
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InteliLiteNT AMF9i

Description The InteliLiteNT AMF 9i is integrated controller for gen-sets operating in single standby mode. The controller meets all requirements ...
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InteliLite AMF 25

Single gen-set controller for stand-by and prime power applications. Direct communication with EFI engines Total remote monitoring and control Easy ...
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InteliCompactNT MINT

Compact genset controller for gensets operating in multiple island and/or parallel to mains mode (together with MainsCompact NT Built-in automatic load ...
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Gen-set controller for single or multiple generating sets operating in standby or parallel modes Support of engines with ECU (Electronic ...
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InteliGenNT BaseBox

Comprehensive gen-set controller for both single and multiple gensets operating in standby or paralleling modes To be used in conjunction ...
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InteliDrive Lite

Engine controller for land-based and marine Tier4 applications Control, monitoring and protection for both mechanical and electronic diesel/gas engines in one ...
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InteliDrive Lite FPC

Modular engine controller designed for diesel driven fire pump applications based on the NFPA 20 standard Automatic and manual starting ...
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InteliDrive DCU Industrial

Engine controller for land-based applications powered by engine driven compressors and pumps Control, monitoring and protection for both mechanical and electronic ...
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Mains monitoring (1 or 3 phases) for under and over voltage, under and over frequency and voltage unbalance Remote generating ...
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InteliSysNTC Hybrid

nteliSys NTC Hybrid is a controller for applications that combine reciprocating gen-sets with renewable source of power. It continuously monitors ...
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Easy Plug & Play solution Simply connected using AirGate technology System works using WebSupervisor with all of its benefits Fleet ...
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Monitoring and archiving of ComAp controllers' parameters and values View of actual/historic trends in the controller On-line change of controller's ...
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