Electric Drive Train

Description :
TM4 Inc, Canada make Electric Drive Train consisting of Electric Motor, Inverter and Vehicle controller are offered by Madhura with system engineering support. TM4 drive trains are developed with more than 100 patents. Drive trains are available up to 340 KW.

Electric Drive Train for Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Major Features

  • Scalable architecture, Power Electronics
  • Three phase Radial flux Permanent Magnet motor
  • High torque & power density
  • Sinusoidal EMF
  • Low clogging torque
  • Thermal protection
  • Advanced control algorithm for optimal power
  • Data logging
  • Communication fault detection
  • CAN 2.0b communication interface
  • Torque or speed control


  • The application are variety viz. Car, Pick up trucks, LCV, Buses & Trucks.