PanelView 800 Graphic Terminals

Our Bulletin 2711R PanelView™ 800 Graphic Terminals are panel-mount display devices offering keypad or touch screen options for operator input. These graphic terminals are available in 4…10 in. display sizes. They include 800 MHz CPU processors, high-resolution displays with LED backlight supporting 65K colors, and high flash memory and dynamic memory. The built-in Ethernet and serial communication ports support a variety of networks.

Optimized for compatibility with Micro800® and MicroLogix™ controllers
Includes high-resolution display with LED backlight supporting 65K colors
Offers flexible application modes in landscape and portrait
Includes high performance 800MHz CPU processor with 128MB/256MB memory
Includes USB host port and microSD™ support file transfer or updating firmware
Alerts operators with alarm messages that include embedded variables
Provides ability to upload and download groups of data or parameter settings with recipe capability