PowerFlex 700L AC Drives

PowerFlex® 700L AC Drives offer either PowerFlex 700 Vector Control or PowerFlex 700S Control on a fully regenerative, liquid-cooled power structure. This powerful combination offers great performance and high power capabilities in a small package along with energy savings and low harmonics. The PowerFlex 700L AC Drives are flexible, high performance drives available in panel mount and cabinet mount versions.

Power Ratings
380…480V: 200…860 kW / 268…1150 Hp / 360…1250 A
500…600V: 345…650 kW / 465…870 Hp / 425…800 A
690V: 355…657 kW / 475…881 Hp / 380…705 A
IP00 NEMA/UL Type Open (Frame 2), or IP20, NEMA Type 1 (Frames 3A, 3B) with Rittal enclosure that includes the input circuit breaker
Available with the PowerFlex® 700 or PowerFlex 700S control
Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™) communications including DeviceNet™, ControlNet™, and EtherNet/IP™
Regenerative braking for precise, high-response speed and position control, continuous holdback, rapid deceleration and stopping of high inertia loads
Regenerative braking puts energy back into the system to be used by other equipment
Patented liquid-cooled heatsink design
Low AC line harmonics with active converter to meet IEEE-519 and CE regulations
Integrated active converter and line-side filter allow input voltage boost while maintaining consistent system performance
Optional DriveLogix™ embedded control for application programmability and control of auxiliary functions
Configuration and programming via optional integral LCD keypad, remote keypad, or software
Premier Integration with PowerFlex AC drives uses the Logix control platform to simplify parameter and tag programming and reduces development time
Available Safety Options

Safe Torque-Off option (with 700S control) is certified at PLd/SIL2 Cat 3. Removes rotational power to the motor without removing power from the drive for faster start-up after a demand on the safety system. All safety options are available as a kit for user installation