Rigid Pipe Harness Wiring Systems


Your ability to perform is based on a need for absolute reliability.

Our rigid pre-cabling systems are used both externally on the engine platform and internally within the crank case. The range includes:

• Thermometric & Pyrometric pipes (CT™, CPT™ & CTT™, PRY™)
• Inside Crankcase Thermometric pipes (CTC™)
• Complex & Multi-Service (CAW™, CPW™, MSP™)
• Patented Ignition Pipes for Gas engines, including Coils and Pulse transmission (CAL™, CAC™, CMB™)
• Smart Connecting pipes using CAN open, J1939 protocol (SCP™)

CMR’s PIPEHarness approach improves aesthetics, reduces cost of installation (build time) and negates the chance of sensor inversion upon connection.

Production technologies applied included automated cut, strip and termination, build board assembly, best in class test systems support by Cirris test software

As you would expect, many systems are also UL, CSA and ATEX classified, while adhering to marine approval standards.

Key benefits include:

• The pipe systems reduce installation time of electrical sensors on a diesel and gas engine significantly as the pipe is completely pre-wired

• No special skill is required for assembly and maintenance as all the connections are made via plugs and sockets (plu g and play)

• It also allows to subcontract manpower and electrical engineering as the pipe is

• The pipe can gather various signals such as :
– exhaust gas temperature
– jacket water temperature
– main and thrust bearing temperature
– spark ignition cables
– cylinder liner and exhaust valve temperature.

• As an alternative for junction boxes, short pipes are available for wiring:
– Pressure sensors and switches
– Various temperature sensors and switches