Pipe – Inside Crank Case


Your ability to perform is based on a need for absolute reliability.

Enclosed within aluminum profiles, using typical 60mm x 60mm extrusions, the CMR PIPEHarness™ protects your critical wiring on the engine platform and internally, within the crank case.

Typical applications of the Gas Engine Ignition PIPEHarness™ range includes:
• Trasmission of power supply for ignition coils
• Connection of sensors used for monitoring gas and dual fuel engines
• Transmission of measuring signals

Main benefits include:
• ‘State-of-the-art’, in terms of installation cost:
– The pipe is inside the oil sump, so machining time is reduced as only one through wall connection is required
– The sensor requires a minimum of securing inside the engine block
– Economy on sensor cables (which do not need to go outside the casing)
• Waterproof for fixing inside crankcase (for example for bearings temperature measurement transmission)
• Outputs made by a single fitting through of the crankcase
• Engine esthetics maintained due to absence of external cabling
• Very easy maintenance: only 1 coupling and 1 plug need to be loosened.
• Pipe can be installed through the engine block doors or similar aperture, which simplifies the installation operations.