Flexible Heatshrink Wiring System


Your engines and equipment require a wide range of pre-cabled sealed heatshrink flexible wiring solutions capable of operating at temperatures of up to 200°C.

CMR’s flexible harness manufacture process applies automated cut, strip and termination alongside best-in-class build-board assembly and test facilities, supported by Cirris test software.

The sleeving method is specified dependant on the customer specification and CMR recommend the best solution considering operating environment, design for manufacture and cost.

CMR’s e plug and play flexible harness systems enable efficient assembly and can be supplied with bespoke mouting brackets and p-clips to ensure efficient assembly at the customer production facility.

Typical sleeving/wire:
• Rayfast – Heatshrink sleeving
• Rayfast – T / Y transitions capable of up to 200°C
• Rayfast – Backshells
• Adhesive line as required
• Wire is selected based on application and environment – PTFE, 44A, TXL or Tri Rated